Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Shout Out: Rob & Angie

Watch these clips of brother Rob and his wife Angie talking about their marital relationship in light of Rob's feelings of same-sex attraction (link).

Rob and Angie's story reflects mine with my wife. I may have SSA issues, my wife has her own set of issues too. I was always open with my wife, and told her of my struggles before we got married, and I continue to be real and authentic with her (although we spare each other of unhelpful descriptive details). We learn that we can't change the other person, but we can work on ourselves, and we can also be honest about what we would appreciate in the other person. And lastly, patience and prayerfulness--with a desperate dependency on God--has been crucial in my wife and I learning and growing in intimacy.

I am so proud of you both, Rob & Angie! :-D


  1. TC, I'm SO sorry for the ways that I've let you own and fatigued you. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me and try again? Please don't give up. You know I love you. Brother K.

  2. Hey TCMan, I linked this post to my own blog. It's a ripper :D

  3. TC:

    Thanks for the kind words. I do love my better half very much. Thanks be to God for helpmeets!


  4. Brother K: I sent you a message.

    GP: You've been pretty prolific these days. And I made a correction to your description on your post. ;-)

    Rob: Bless you!

  5. Thanks for the correction :) hehehe. Well, they're older than me, so that makes them middle aged :P