Sunday, January 4, 2009

Abstinence vs. Purity

The last time I masturbated was December 22, 2008.

Wow.  I have not masturbated since last year.

Sounds impressive.  But not really.

This week, I went and looked at "soft porn" on the internet.  I'm not even sure if you can call it porn compared to the kinds of online videos I would look at if unfettered by accountability.  Nude pictures on Google images, mostly men, sometimes women.  I've also started to desperately look for anything somewhat erotic on YouTube.  Not very much there.

Triple X Watch is still on.  I'm not sure if it will pick up on what I've browsed... about 3x this week?

It frustrates me not to be able to have an orgasm.  Looking at these erotic internet content frustrates me even further because there is no follow-up sexual release.  My bottom line is: no masturbation.

Technical abstinence.  "I might have looked, and I might have allowed some fantasy to happen for more than a few seconds here and there, but hey, I haven't masturbated.  I'm pure!"

No, I am not.

Abstinence is a matter of stopping.  Purity is a lot more than that.  I'll put some thought to that next.  I will blog about it.  Perhaps, pursuing purity can be my next goal.  First, to understand and articulate it.

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