Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Short Update

I was supposed to write my second summary reflections. But each time I try, I end up spending time replying to emails or Facebook messages instead. It's good that I am finally getting to know more people in the world of SSA strugglers. On the other hand, my work has been taking a back seat, and that's starting to leave me a little edgy.

I've been grieving for over a week now. I'm happy to say that this morning, I woke up feeling slightly better. Yet something has happened to me that is really, really hard for me to admit. I've been avoiding writing about it because I was hoping the feeling would go away.

But it hasn't.

I don't know if I have the courage to write about it.


(Okeeeee, obviously not today.)

We'll be back. Promise.


  1. Wow...what will it be?
    Whenever you're ready, we're ready to hear it. We'll still love and accept you.

  2. See my next post, Daniel.