Monday, April 27, 2009

Fathers and Sons

These videos move me to tears. I wish I could hug my dad like these boys hug their dads. I wish my dad would hug me back and kiss me like these dads do their sons.

The biggest blessing in my life: I can do this with my own son.


  1. Hey man,
    The other day I saw a man and his very young son at Walmart and as the dad pushed around the boy in the shopping cart he kissed him on the forehead; I saw them about three times and each time the same. It touched something inside and as you said, "I wish my dad would hug me...' I never got a hug and each time I see this in a store or at church it just puts that longing inside. I am so pleased that you said, '...I can do this with my own son.' What an awesome God given privilege you have.

  2. I almost cried. If i didnt hold back i would be crying. i wasnt prepared for those videos. My dad loved me and would hug me but, i just want a friend like that,

  3. "I miss you too daddy"

  4. This is a strange feeling, this really moved me, at the same time I feel really jealous at these boys. I'm 21 but strangely, I again feel like a 5 yo who has no father (my dad died when I was 2), I guess the boy inside me never moved from that point.