Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update: 90-day Fast

Today, Wed April 22, 2009 is Day 17 -- no porn, no masturbation. [Link]

Continuing to have little to no desire to look at or think of men sexually, and absolutely zero desire to look at gay porn.

Women continue to be increasingly more beautiful and attractive.

Need to begin more regular quiet time. Loving God more with each passing day. He is so amazing!


  1. Looks interesting, but why haven't you been doing quiet times before?

  2. I have had regular quiet times, but over the past couple of years, decided to "relax" my routines and try to practice God's presence throughout the day. Now, I am missing a more regular Bible-reading time (Bible-reading specifically). Probably with someone like me is when I read the Bible, I tend to get way too deep into biblical analysis, and it becomes more about exegesis than about lectio divina. I want to do more of the latter.

  3. Typo: "Probably with..." should read "Problem with..."