Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Hello" To Other Christian SSA Bloggers

I've been spending my extra hours scouring through the blogosphere for Christians writing about their SSA struggles.

I never realized there were so many active blogs!

Although my search is far from exhaustive, I already have TEN bookmarks of Christian SSA bloggers that I will be visiting... in Blogger, Xanga, and Wordpress.  And it looks like these folks are spread around the world, not just in the U.S.  There is even a personal coach who has a specific outreach to people with SSA.


I have only been to one SSA support group, and my contact with people who struggle with SSA is extremely limited.  So, I hope to build up a network and gradually get to know people, for the purposes of mutual edification.

If I left a comment on your site and you're visiting, a warm "Hello!" to you.  Although I am anonymous, know that I am a pretty decent guy, a married man with kids, an educated professional, and you'd probably never suspect that I struggle with SSA if you met me in real life. (Yeah, we all say that don't we?)

I'm doing this revealing-myself thing slowly: one step at a time as the Spirit leads me.  If you follow my blog over time, you'll probably get to know A LOT more about me than most people will.  I intend to keep writing authentically here, for my own processing, and for the sake of others who are looking for healing.

Do feel free to drop me a comment.  I'd be glad to get to know you.


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  1. I'm glad I came across your blog and you came across mine. I'd also like to invite you to a private Facebook group for guys like us who struggle with SSA. It doesn't show up on your profile for others to see, and we've seen a lot fo guys grow from the mutual support and encouragement that it brings. Message me privately on Xanga if you're interested. You'd bring a lot to the group.